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Ultimate 7 shotski for your Ski Apres

Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Molly Egan

Welcome, ski enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into a tradition that’s equal parts party starter and friend maker: the legendary Shot Ski. 

If you haven’t heard of it, clink your shot glass against the ski because we’re about to take you on a ride through the slopes of this quirky, fun-filled ski culture.

Shots on the Slopes: Embracing the Shot Ski Spirit

Enter the shot ski, a beloved tradition that brings a new level of fun to the slopes. And most delightfully blends the exhilarating rush of skiing with the delight of a shared drink. 

Whether you’re shredding fresh powder or enjoying après-ski festivities, the shot ski is an experience not to be missed.

Embrace the Shotski Culture: A Mountain Must-Have

Picture this: you and your closest friends, gathered around a ski-themed board, each in front of a shot glass attached to the ski’s surface. With a cheer and a lift, you take your shot simultaneously, uniting in a moment of camaraderie that embodies the spirit of skiing.

At the heart of this experience lies the shotski. It’s more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a symbol of shared adventure, good times, and camaraderie. The shot board is usually an alpine ski with several shot glasses securely attached place. It’s great for a fun simultaneous shot experience with friends and no fumbling with individual shots or spills—just pure, unadulterated fun.

The Shot Ski: Where Skiing Meets Celebration 🎿🥃

The shotski isn’t just a piece of equipment—it’s a cultural phenomenon that embodies the spirit of camaraderie and adventure. It’s a symbol of shared experiences and the bonds formed over a love of skiing and good company. So, whether you’re a seasoned ski enthusiast or a newbie hitting the slopes for the first time, be sure to add the shotski to your must-have list.

From the clinking of shot glasses to the cheers echoing across the mountain, the shotski party brings people together in a celebration of winter, friendship, and the thrill of the slopes. So, grab your ski shot glass, raise it high, and let the good times roll—on the mountain and beyond.

How It Works: A Crash Course in Shot Ski Etiquette 🍻

First things first, you’ll need a trusty ski. It can be an old one, a new one, or the one that you have used to ski today!  

Next, gather your friends or fun strangers – the more, the merrier. 

Then, attach the shot glasses along the ski, ensuring each one is securely fixed on the ski (see below for different types of skishot attachments)

Next, fill them with your favorite spirit or beverage of choice. 

Here comes the fun part: everyone grabs hold of the ski, leans in, and takes the shot together. Yes, together! It’s a synchronized sipping experience that’ll have you laughing, cheering, and feeling the camaraderie of the slopes like never before.

What about your snowboard? Well, this is typically best for skis due to the depth of it and ease for all to flip at once.

Top Reason to build or bring a shot ski?

If you are skiing solo this is a great way to connect with others at lunch, apres, or on the mountain view deck! You will pretty easily make new friends.

Plastic Removable Shot Ski: Convenience at its Best

For those looking for convenience and ease of use, the plastic removable shot ski is a game-changer. Made from durable materials, this shotski board boasts a lightweight design that’s perfect for carrying up the mountain and easily installed.

Its removable shot glasses make cleaning a breeze, ensuring you spend less time tidying up and more time enjoying the slopes. It’s the stuff ski dreams are made of – and the plastic removable and reusable shot ski kit makes it all possible.

Fixed Shot Glass Shotski: Sturdy and Reliable

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the fixed shot glass shotski. This sturdy board comes with permanently attached shot glasses, offering a more traditional feel to your shotski experience. 

Crafted from quality materials, the fixed shotski is built to withstand the rigors of mountain adventures. Whether you prefer the convenience of the plastic removable shot ski or the classic appeal of the fixed shot glass shotski, both options promise an unforgettable time on the slopes. 

You will find this in many bars in ski towns and for your fun-loving ski friends – at their home! From sharing celebratory shots after conquering a challenging run to simply enjoying the company of friends, the shotski adds an extra layer of joy to any ski trip.

Shotski Types:

  • Shot Glass Ski: A ski with engravings or openings for shots.

  • Shotski Board: The heart of the shotski tradition; permanently fixed shot glasses

  • Shotski Shot Glasses: Removable or fixed shot glasses

  • Ski Shot Glass: Removable or fixed, typically plastic

Where to Find Your Shot Ski 🛷🎿

Order your DIY shotski or instant shotski below! Checkout these top products and ski, sip and savor the moments that make winter unforgettable.

Custom Shot Board Ski – Great Gift Idea

This custom ski shot board is great for your ski enthusiast friend and will look good as home decor on your wall!

Wooden ShotSki with Glasses – Best for House Parties

This wooden shot ski is a great classic shot ski that you can bring with you up the mountain strapped to your back – you can also use this as a charcuterie board!

DIY Shot Ski Mount Kit

This detachable – yet permanent if you like – shot ski DIY kit is great for making this a reliable and sturdy experience.

Winter Apres Inflatable Shot Ski With Plastic Shot Glasses

This inflatable shot ski is great for easy packing and using any time and anywhere! This is our top pick. Be careful as it is an inflatable.

Removable Suction Cup Shot Ski Glasses

The easiest shot ski for use on any snowboard or ski! Grab as many as you like and just stick them on your ski!

Shot Ski Kit – Removable, Stainless steel

We love this kit for its durability and stainless steel shot glass option!

Universal Inflatable ShotSki With Plastic Shot Glasses

This universal inflatable shot ski is great for summer, fall, or winter on water skis, alpine skis, or cross-country skis!

The History: From Slopes to Shindigs 🎉

The Shot Ski isn’t just a modern-day invention; it has roots in ski culture that trace back decades. Ski bums of yore would rig up their old skis with shot glasses, turning après-ski into a spirited affair.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Shot Skis making appearances at ski lodges, cabin parties, and even weddings (because who needs a champagne toast when you can have a ski shot?). It’s a testament to the creativity and camaraderie of the skiing community.


Here’s to the shotski—the ultimate fusion of skiing and spirited fun. Hit the slopes, raise your ski shot glass, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy the joyous spirit of ski culture and the beloved shotski tradition. Dive into the excitement of skiing and shared drinks with a shotski of your own, whether it’s a plastic removable shot ski or a fixed shot glass shotski. 

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