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Best Barbie Swimsuit For Women – Ultimate Beach Barbie Guide

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You have found the ultimate guide to finding the best Barbie Swimsuit for women here! Are you on the Barbie movie trend, striving to live your Best Beach Barbie Lifestyle? GREAT, keep reading!

If Ski Barbie is your favorite Barbie or you need the perfect outfit for your themed event, we also have you covered. 

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Distinct differences between swimsuit styles will ultimately determine which you prefer. 

Coverage: One-piece swimsuits cover the torso entirely, providing more modesty and support—ideal for swimming and sports. Two-piece suits offer less coverage, with separate top and bottom pieces, allowing more freedom of movement.

Style: One-piece swimsuits offer sleek and elegant styles – with halter necks, cutouts and prints. Two-piece suits provide versatility, allowing mix-and-match options like bikinis and tankinis, creating personalization options.

  1. Fit: Ensure the swimsuit fits well, providing comfort and support.

  2. Material: Opt for quick-drying, durable fabrics suitable for water activities.

  3. Style: Choose a design that complements your body shape and personal preference.

  4. Coverage: Decide on the coverage amount needed, from full to minimal.

  5. Functionality: Consider features like adjustable straps, padding, and UV protection for practicality and comfort.

  1. Beach Barbie Ruffle One Piece

  2. Beach Barbie Swimsuit

  3. Beach Barbie Bandeau Bikini

  4. Neon Barbie Swimsuit

  5. Skating Beach Barbie One Piece Swimsuit

  6. Nautical Barbie One Piece Swimsuit

  7. Mermaid Barbie 

  8. Color Block Barbie

  9. Women’s Barbie Pink Cutout Suit

  10. Mermaid Barbie Bikini Top

  11. Vintage Barbie Striped One Piece

  12. Rufled Barbie High Waist Two Piece

  13. One Shoulder Cutout Barbie Swimsuit 

  14. Barbie Swimdress 

  15. Halter Beach Barbie Bikini

  16. Barbie Cover Up 

  17. Bohemian Beach Barbie Cover-Up 

Beach Barbie Ruffle One Piece

This ruffle-trim neckline swimsuit flatters all body types, which is why it is our essential Beach Barbie suit.  

Bottom Line:

This Tina Turk swimsuit has the coverage and details to flatter all the beach Barbies!

Beach Barbie Swimsuit

We love a swimsuit Barbie moment here with this swimsuit that has a slim print on top, a great fit, and a quality suit!  

Bottom Line:

Once you try this suit on, you will love your Beach Barbie look from Tina Turk!

Beach Barbie Bandeau Bikini

image via valentino

This Kate Spade Bandeu two-piece suit is feminine and flattering!

Bottom Line:

The high waist detail and the flower at the center of the two-piece top are perfect and flattering for all! 

Neon Barbie Swimsuit

This Barbie neon logo bathing suit is fun and flattering in a one-piece style with flattering cutouts. 

Bottom Line:

A great fun and party-inspiring Barbie bathing suit for all your summer pool parties!

Skating Beach Barbie One Piece Swimsuit

This one-piece swimsuit is flattering, vibrantly fun, and has the retro-roller skating Barbie look in a bathing suit! The spandex fabric will allow for a comfortable and flattering fit!

Bottom Line:

The square neckline, adjustable straps, and padding make this a great casual yet active suit for beach activities. 

Nautical Beach Barbie One Piece Swimsuit

This natural striped swimsuit has flattering detailing and elongates so many figures! The ruffles and bunching at the bra line ring your eyes up and flatter all figures.  

Bottom Line:

This fun nautical or sailer Barbie suit is flattering for short and long torsos!

Mermaid Barbie 

This pink-shell print swimsuit is a minimal or modern nod to mermaid Barbie! It’s equal parts unique and classic.  

Bottom Line:

We love the belt for flattering all figures.

Color Block Barbie

We love this pink color-block swimsuit for any Barbie beach party!

Bottom Line:

The side detail of the tie is flattering for all figures and is a nod to Diane Von Furstenburg’s infamous dress.

Women’s Barbie Pink Cutout Suit

image via Prada

This color block suit is fun for all pink and Barbie lovers. The style and design is fun and flattering. 

Bottom Line:

We love the crisscross and the high waist.

Mermaid Barbie Bikini Top

The perfect mermaid suit top for mermaid Barbie or your ocean-themed party 

Bottom Line:

This is a fun and unique find that you will use over and over, and it is perfect for multiple uses and costume parties.

Vintage Barbie Striped One Piece

This classic original Barbie striped bathing suit is an iconic Barbie look!

Bottom Line:

Essentially, Barbie bathing suit – reuse for costume parties! 

Ruffled Barbie High Waist Two Piece

This two-piece is very fun with the ruffled shoulders. It resembles Latin or Caribbean styles, making it a fun suit to wear! 

Bottom Line:

Perfect for a memorable or energizing vibe for your Beach Barbie day! 

One-Shoulder Cutout Barbie Swimsuit 

We love this one-shoulder pink swimsuit for a sexy spin on a one-piece suit. 

Bottom Line:

The color block, shoulder, and side cutout are fun and make this one of our favorite affordable finds!

Barbie Swimdress 

Across between a swimsuit and a skirt! Barbie beach mode with form, style, and functionality nailing it! 

Bottom Line:

A fun and flattering Barbie swimsuit!

High Waist Beach Barbie Bikini

The two great features of this design are both flattering—the high waist and the ruffled top are even flattering! 

Bottom Line:

A great fit, quality, coverage, and value!

Barbie Cover Up 

This pink crochet coverup dress is a fashionable way to look great sitting by the pool! 

Bottom Line:

This Crochet coverup is our favorite 70s node to Beach Barbie!

Bohemian Barbie Cover-Up

This print is bright, cheery, and colorful for the perfect Beach Barbie!

Bottom Line:

The quality, print, and style is an elegant and functional way to dress as Beach Barbie!


We love any excuse to wear a Barbie-themed bathing suit. The best part is that these are a hit for so many body types and fun at the pool or beach! There are 

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