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The 23 Best Gifts For Skiers

Last Updated on January 14, 2024 by Molly Egan

Are you looking for skier gifts or ideas for your ski and snowboard enthusiast? If you’re counting down the days until the opening day of your favorite ski resort, or a friend has invited you to join the annual ski trip for a day on the slopes – this list is for you!

Whether you need ski gear or want the best gifts for skiers and snowboarders – keep reading! As a certified ski instructor and skiing 90 days a season – I’m an expert in snow sports and gifts for skiers.

These gifts for skiers and snowboarders range in price. The key is comfort, fit, and staying warm and dry!

This list will focus on the best gifts for skiers. However, there are a lot of crossovers, so we’ll highlight when gifts for skiers are also gifts for snowboarders.

If you are looking for ski gear that crosses over nicely to camping – i.e. neck warmers, base layers, and jackets – take a look at this best gift for campers.

Skip to the top questions and answers for finding the best gifts for skiers and snowboarders.

The 27 Best Ski Gifts for Skiers

  1. Hand Warmers – HotHandsInexpensive and Useful
  2. Ski Helmet – SmithBest Safety Gift
  3. Heated socks – Snow DeerGuaranteed to Be Loved!
  4. Adventure Camera Insta 360Best Gift for Future Influencers
  5. Ski Gloves – Hestra
  6. Best Down Vest – Cotopaxi Fuego
  7. Ski Jacket Best Lightweight – Arc’teryx
  8. Ski Jacket Best Overall – Helly Hanson
  9. Portable water bottle – Hydrapak
  10. Neck Warmer – TurtleFur
  11. Googles – Zeal Portal
  12. Goggle sock – Gogglesoc
  13. Ski Straps – Black Diamond
  14. Ski Poles – Leki
  15. Powder Skis – Faction
  16. Best Overall Skis – Nordica
  17. Best Ski Luggage Bag – Patagonia
  18. Best Backcountry Ski Backpack – Ortovox
  19. Thermal Phone Case
  20. Boot and Glove WarmerMost Unique
  21. Foam RollerBest Gift for Recuperating
  22. Deep Tissue Massage Gun TheragunBest Travel Massage Gun
  23. Merino Wool Glove Liners – Smartwool
  24. Savior Heated Mittens
  25. Power Core Portable Charger Anker
  26. Reusable and Rechargeable Hand WarmersSustainable
  27. Thermal Insulated Laptop and Tablet CaseBest Gift for Remote Worker

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Hand Warmers – HotHands

image from hothands

These air-activated heat packs are fantastic for cold winter skiing days and an inexpensive gift! Pop these into your glove and keep your hand warm on the slopes – especially if you have an inferior glove.


  • long-lasting – 8+ hours
  • Shake to activate
  • Available for hands, feet, and body
  • Ready in 15-30 minutes
  • Cheaper than heated gloves
  • made in the USA

Many skiers and ski instructors and outdoor lovers swear by these to keep warm hands. A hand warmer is a great gift idea and stocking stuffer.

This gift is an excellent crossover to other winter sports gear and outdoor adventures like camping and hiking! Whether you prefer long days on the slopes or your first trip skiing, this is an excellent gift for skiers.

Ski Helmet – Smith Optics Misson MIPS

image from smith

Smith is a go-to safety brand when it comes to helmets. This makes the list of the best gifts for any skier or snowboarder!


  • MIPS brain protection system
  • Lightweight
  • Ear Pads compatible with audio chips
  • Removable goggle strap lock
  • 9 air vents

I watched my mother take a spill last ski season and dent her helmet – protect yourself and those you love with MIPS technology – which reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts. You’ll love the climate control to adjust vents one-handed.

The AirEvac ventilation system helps keep your ski goggles fog-free! Also, make it easier to spot a crowded mountain and pick a color that’s not black.

Heated Socks – Snow Deer

image from snow fox - gifts for skiers

Keeping warm on the slopes is the ultimate luxury and makes all the difference. These heated merino wool ski socks are top quality for your feet. Whether you snowboard or ski – this will keep you warm and insulated. Get these before it sells out!

This is a must-have piece of clothing for any winter adventure or ski day—a crowd-pleasing stocking stuffer. Keeping your extremities and body temperature comfortable is critical in skiing.


  • Prevents frostbite
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Moisture wicking
  • 1 year warranty
  • Unisex

Adventure 360 Camera – Insta 360

Whether you are an ametuer photographer or videographer this camera is easy to use and will wow you with what are abble to capture! Put it on your ski helment, wrist, chest or use a “selfie” stick to capture adenture 360 video.

Use the app to make videos, take action shots, and extract photos from videos. The screen on this version will help you see what you are capturing for the ultimate success!

These are the best overall attachments for exploring the 360 camera, and this is the best for wrist action – my personal favorite for ease while skiing.


  • FlowState Stabilization
  • HDR video
  • 1/2″ 48MP sensors & Timelapse
  • 4K Lens
  • Improved wind noise reduction

Hestra Heli Glove

image from hestra

Hestra gloves are the best pair of gloves for skiers and the ultimate gift! They are the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast and Winter snow sports.


  • 3 -layer shell
  • Cowhide Leather
  • Drawcord cuff + elastic wrist
  • Carabiner
  • Lifetime warranty

This brand is top of the line for quality, warmth, life, design and functionality. Our second favorite style and pair of ski gloves is the “lobster claw” Heli 3-Finger Glove.

Best Down Vest – Cotopaxi Fuego

This down vest is a mid-layer or base layer – for skiing and other winter weather activities! We love the security of this internal zippered pocket.

We love this company and its products – Cotopaxi is one of the Best Sustainable Travel Companies!


  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Packs into internal pocket
  • 800-fill RDS certified
  • DWR finish nylon

Ski Jacket Best Lightweight – Arc’teryx Beta JT Jacket Hadron

image from dagne dover

Signature features of this ultra-thin jacket – only 9 oz. – with a Liquid Crystal Polymer fabric (Hadron LCP), make it an ultimate abrasion resistance ski jacket. It will keep you warm and dry!


  • Water-resistant Polymer
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Gore-Tex

Stay warm no mater how many days on the slopes! Around the world this jacket will keep you warm! Men’s Beta Insulated jacket.

Ski Jacket Best Overall – Helly Hansen Powderqueen

image from dagne dover

The features ski jacket has “Life Infinity” technology for an eco-friendly waterproof jacket with the right amount of pockets! The perfect amount of pockets – ski pass and helmet hood – and special lining for phone battery in cold temperatures.


  • Recycled fabric
  • Waterproof/water repellant
  • DWR treatment
  • Hood goes over ski helmet
  • Breathable
  • Keeps you warm and dry

The design, fabric, pockets, and vents make this an easy best gift for skiers. Always make the ski lift with your pass in its arm pocket.

Portable Water Bottle – Hydrapak

image from Hydrapak

You need to maintain hydration at high elevations – we love this Hydrapak. It won’t freeze in the cold outdoors. Great gift idea for all snow sports! It makes your life easier!


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy top cap
  • Easy to carry & stow
  • Lifetime guarantee

A must have for any ski and snowboard enthusiast!

Neck Warmer – Turtle Fur

image from turtle fur

Turtle Fur is the best quality fleece neck warmer to keep you warm! It is a must-have to protect your neck and face when skiing and snowboarding. Best gifts for skiers!


  • Double layer fleece
  • Acrylic
  • Gift under $20
  • Multi-colored

For windy and cold winter months keep your self warm and dry with the windproof facemask turtlefur – especially a cold day on the slopes or ski lift!

Ski and Snowboard Goggles – Zeal Portal

image from zeal

Ski goggles are a must for any skier or snowboarder! The interchangeable lens is our favorite feature of this ski gear – the rail system feature makes this easy.


  • Two Lens
  • Interchangeability
  • Anti-Fog
  • Blue sky + Phoenix Mirror

The lenses included are a fantastic gift that will transform any skier and snowboarder’s day on the slopes. Best of all, the transition from flat light overcast days to sunny blue-sky days!

Goggle Socks – GoogleSoc

image from goggle socs

These socks are not for your feet but for your goggles! So naturally, you want to maintain the quality of your goggles – and this sock is perfect!


  • Made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Keeps your googles unscratched
  • Compatible with any snow goggles
  • Style for everyone
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Cool patterns

There are often unique collaborations that open up options—a great gift for a snowboarding and skiing friend.

Black Diamond Ski Straps

image from black diamond

Black Diamond straps will make a great ski gift and free up one of your hands! Also, it makes transporting skis and all the equipment so much easier – no velcro – something ski bums and skiers alike swear by.


  • 20″
  • fits extra skinny to wide skis
  • Versatile
  • Gift ideas under $20

While skiing or snowboarding use it to strap tripods to your bag as well!

Leki Carbon 14 3D Ski Poles

image from dagne dover

These lightweight poles are built for speed but are so lovely for not having your hand in a strap! The design is impeccable for the Mesh strap for any glove!

Slalom Grip with four non-slip finger grooves-optimum comfort and grip. The multi-directional release mechanism is the best feature.  


  • Lightweight
  • Multi-directional release mechanism
  • Easy click in/out
  • Non-Slip finger grooves

For a cheaper option, Leki PRC Ski Poles is our pick.

Faction Mana 2023 2X Skis

image from dagne dover

I love Faction skies for their versatility and fun in powder conditions. These playful twin-tip skis have a generous rocker and a slight camber underfoot.

This brand will have you floating and soaring at exciting speeds! Of course, the versatility can be limited, but I still swear by Factions as my everyday ski.


  • High Float
  • All-Mountain and Freeride
  • 165 and 172 size
  • Made with 100% renewable energy
  • Generous rocker with minimal camber

I love these skis for their versatility, float, and fun – the best gifts for skiers!

Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis 2023

image from nordica

This all-mountain ski is excellent for any ski resort conditions. Your skiing enthusiast will love them! Any skier will enjoy the feel in powder and firm snow.


  • Carbon chassis
  • Versatile
  • All mountain skiing
  • Lengths: 165cm – 191cm

Great edge-to-edge transition and versatility skiing in snow conditions.

Best Ski Luggage Bag – Patagonia Snow Roller Bag

image from patagonia

This ski bag holds so much – we love it! No one likes to carry ski boots or skis. This roller bag provides hands-free access to carrying other things – or not.


  • Upcycled duffle bag scraps
  • 6 grab handles for maneuvering ease
  • Easily folds
  • Encased wheels
  • 9 air vents

A great feature of this ski bag is that you can nearly eliminate your boot bag and carry ski boots on the plane! Skiers and snowboarders appreciate maximizing gear space.

Best Backcountry Ski Backpack – Ortovox

This ski backpack has a back protector and makes skiing on any terrain enjoyable. The Flex belt is key in providing the proper support – and it fits skins, crampons, and avalanche gear!

This is an essential gift for any backcountry adventures and for the new backcountry skier. For those in bound skiers – enjoy a bag that will fit your laptop, change of clothes, and skins!


  • Compact & Versatile
  • Comfortable with back pads
  • Easy gear attachments – skis & poles
  • 28 liter volume

Thermal Phone Case

This is the perfect gift for your friend working remotely on their ski trips, or a friend that takes tons of pictures. Those with children in ski school will love the piece of mind that this case extends battery life four times longer.


  • Extends battery life up to four times in cold temperatures
  • Prevents overheating in the sun
  • Coldproof rating to -20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Space tech layer
  • Impact drop rating up to 10′
  • 5 ounces

Boot and Glove Warmer Machine

This boot and glove dryer is a game-changer for those that will ski multiple days in a row. The movement of air and the ability of this machine to dry gear in two hours or less.

The forced air boot and glove dryer can dry two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves in 1-2 hours – with it under 5 pounds you can travel with it on every ski trip as those airbnbs are unlikely to have this.


  • 12″ x 7.5″ x 15″
  • Removes moisture from gear
  • Two removable extension tubes
  • 3 hour shut-off timer
  • Quiet rotary fan

Vibrating Foam Roller

This is a practical gift for any active person or athlete. It channels oxygen and blood through muscles to accelerate muscle recovery and circulation.

Bounce back quicker and feel ready for the adventures on the mountain day after day! Or keep up with your favorite ski bum and make it to après ski every day!


  • Compact & Versatile
  • Comfortable with back pads
  • Easy gear attachments – skis & poles
  • 28 liter volume

Deep Tissue Massage Gun Theragun

This massage gun is the best for traveling and deep tissue! For those going on a week ski trip, this will be great with a foam roller to heal and improve your sore legs.


  • Compatible with app for suggested guide
  • 4 Attachments for various use and large muscles (aka legs)
  • Travel pouch
  • Easy to use on yourself
  • 10″ x 4″ x 8.5″
  • Less than 5 pounds

Merino Wool Glove Liners – Smartwool

This Merino wool glove is a hit for any friend with bad circulation or is ALWAYS cold. This is a very practical gift for ski lovers!

This will be a crucial layer under any style of glove- except the heated gloves (not to be confused with hand warmer). Keep your hands warm!


  • 100% Wool
  • Made in the USA
  • Odor Resistant
  • Keep warm and cool

Savior Heated Mittens

These heated mittens are wonderful and affordable compared to other well-known ski industry brands. Despite that these are great for skiers, snowboarders, backcountry skiing, and the best gift ideas!

This brand has been around since 2008 and is excellent for all outdoor winter activities. Those with  Raynaud’s syndrome and sensitivity to the cold will like these for hiking in the fall and cold evenings camping.


  • 7.4V 2200mAh Battery
  • Keep warm in the cold winter temperatures
  • Touchscreen sensitivity in thumb
  • Water-resistant
  • Three temperature settings
  • Polyester 55%, Nylon 20%, Polyurethane 20%, Elastane 5%

Power Core Portable Charger – Anker

This is the perfect gift for your friend working remotely on their ski trip. This will ensure that your phone is charged or brought back to life.

Sometimes your friends will ski for the afternoon with laptops in their bags and need battery. This will ensure you can power up for whatever you need.


  • Extend battery life of phones and laptops
  • USB Type A and Micro USB Connectors
  • Compatible with iPhone and Samsung
  • 18-month warranty
  • 12.5 oz

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

This is a good ski gift for your friend to keep your hands warm all day long! This is an eco-friendly solution to the disposable hand warmers above.


  • 3 adjustable levels
  • 95°F to 131°F
  • long-lasting up to 15hrs
  • USB-C power 
  • 3-4 hours charge
  • Can charge iPhone to 50% in 30 min.

Thermal Insulated Laptop and Tablet Case

This is the perfect gift for your friend working remotely on their ski trips. Many people will ski with their laptops in their bags and work at the base or restaurants or lodges on the mountain top or base.

This case is the great gift idea for any remote worker or frequent traveler as this provides protection from overheating, extends battery life in cold temperatures, protects your device from 4′ drops for shock and impact, and has water-resistant materials with hydro guard 2-way zippers.


  • Drop Protection
  • Protection from Heat and Cold Temperatures
  • Hydroguard zippers
  • Impact drop rating up to 4′
  • 1.12 lbs
image from molly egan

An explanation for all things ski and snowboard related for gifts!

Here are the top questions we receive regarding skiing gifts. There is a wide range, so read below to understand the most practical gifts!

Winter sports and cold weather activities have gear cross-over with snow jackets, snow boots, hand warmers, snow goggles, merino wool mid-layer, sun protection, fleece lining, wool socks, and the base layer (a foam roller is a game changer!).

What things does one need for skiing?

Both Ski pants and jackets with water-resistant material are mandatory gear! Secondary must-have items include ski helmets, pairs of gloves, hand warmers, adequately fitted boots, and skis (or snowboarder boots).

How many layers do you need?

Winter sports are about the suitable high-performance base layer, mid layer, shell, liner, and jacket. Depending on your tolerance and the temperature outdoors – think Spring skiing in May and Peak Winter in January – this may vary.

image from Kari Traa

How to find the right ski boot?

Whatever you do – do not buy a ski boot online! Instead, find the proper ski boot fitter for the right fit! Your foot and toenails will thank you!

What is the cheapest gift for a skier?

Hand Warmers! This and neck gators or neck warmers are lower-priced items that come in use.

What materials are a must-have of ski clothing?

Merino wool base layers – ski socks, long johns, long sleeve tops – and water-resistant outer layers – ski jacket – are mandatory. Do not ski in jean pants.

What are Powder skis? 

Powder skis are typically fatter and have great rocker profiles and large turn radii.

Is there universal skiing and snowboarding gear?

Yes! Everything except boots, poles, skis, or snowboards. All skiing and snowboarding jackets can be used for either sport. But, of course, you can’t go wrong with a base layer gift!

image from briggs & riley

Most Important Gift Aspect

The most crucial aspect is understanding the recipient’s preferences, needs, and skill level as a skier. Considering these factors, you can choose a ski gift that resonates with the recipient and adds value to their skiing adventures.

Gift Features To Consider

Whether backcountry skiers or novice skiers and snowboarders, an excellent gift should consider the following.

Functionality is critical for the perfect gifts– items should serve a purpose, improving comfort or convenience. Would the recipient prefer disposable hand warmers or heated gloves on a ski day?

A vital aspect of giving gifts is their utility for the recipient’s pursuits; aligning with the skier’s preferences and enhancing their experience on the slopes makes a good gift. Are you buying for novice skiers or advanced skiers?

Prioritize quality and performance to ensure gear stands up to mountain conditions and durable gear that can withstand rigorous use. Safety remains paramount, so consider gifts like helmets, goggles, and avalanche gear.

Explore innovative products and unique gifts to offer a special touch or personalization – whether initials or their favorite color – thoughtful additions or extras can elevate the gift-giving experience.

Gifts for Skiers Conclusion:

Make any level of outdoor snow sports enthusiast happy with these gifts for skiers and snowboarders. The best gifts for skiers for the day on the slopes will keep you warm for lots of time on the mountain.

I have worn or used all the above gear, so trust these recommendations. I have been skiing for nearly 30 years and at many ski resorts worldwide.

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