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The 9 Best Happy Hour Bar in Telluride Colorado

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Hi, fellow adventurers! We’re diving deep into the heart of this picturesque mountain town to uncover the best happy hour bar in Telluride, Colorado, for a perfect afternoon or evening of libations and laughter – whether post a festival, camping, skiing, or hiking adventure!

If you’ve ever found yourself in the enchanting town of Telluride, Colorado, it’s bursting with charm, adventure, and – most importantly – fantastic happy hour spots!

One dollar sign ($): generally indicates relatively low prices, indicating more affordable options or budget-friendly establishments.

Two dollar signs ($$): generally indicate moderate prices, indicating a more upscale or premium experience with higher-priced menu items or drinks.

Three dollar signs ($$$): generally indicate higher prices, usually reserved for luxury venues or establishments with expensive offerings.

Four dollar signs ($$$$): generally indicates the highest price range, typically luxury venues or expensive offerings.

Telluride’s history and stunning landscapes are captivating in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. Originally known as Columbia, it was a centuries-old summer camp by Ute Indians. In the mid-1870s, the Sheridan Mine brought people in search of gold and silver, resulting in the name change to Telluride in 1878 – a nod to the tellurium-rich crystals.

Telluride’s historic Main Street is lined with well-preserved Victorian buildings – a testament to its prosperous mining days. Today, the charm is maintained by the town’s strict design guidelines, preventing the intrusion of chain stores commonly seen in other cities, towns, and suburbs across America.

Telluride is now a ski destination, attracting adventurers and nature enthusiasts since 1972. This charming town continues to blend its rich history with a laid-back mountain vibe, inviting visitors to explore its historic treasures, breathtaking scenery, winter adventures, and festivals in Summertime.

  • The best dive bar is Floradora Saloon.

  • The best food, cocktail menu and chill vibe is There.

  • The best local brewery is Smuggler Union Brewery.

  • The best bar for live music and apres ski is The Last Dollar Saloon.

  • The best happy hour drinks with a memorable view is Allred’s and The Gonorro Ranch.

  1. There

  2. Cosmopolitan Restaurant (Cosmo’s)

  3. Floradora Saloon

  4. Allred’s

  5. The Gorrono Ranch

  6. The Last Dollar Saloon

  7. The New Sheridan Bar

  8. Oak

  9. Smuggler Union Brewery

There is a cozy and laid-back vibe. The friendly staff and diverse happy hour selection are why you feel you should run, not walk.

  • 627 W Pacific Ave $$

Insider Tip: Try their signature Old Fashioned for a classic sip and make a reservation!

It is an intimate modern restaurant with inventive cocktails and a cozy ambiance. It is a must-visit for unique flavors and impressive dishes! 

  • 300 W San Juan Ave $$

Insider Tip: Go for the Martinis! Be early for their Happy Hour seating!

A historic saloon –National Historic Landmark District in 1964 – offering rustic charm and authentic Telluride culture. Classic beers, whiskey, and fabulous happy hour await.

  • 103 W Colorado Ave $$

Insider Tip: The Honey Baked Brie and the $5 drinks until 5pm can’t be beat!

It is an elegant spot atop Telluride with exquisite dining and sophisticated cocktails. Unforgettable views included.

  • 565 Mountain Village Blvd $$$

Insider Tip: Reserve a window seat for the best of sun and sunset vistas.

Western charm meets a vibrant ski atmosphere. The saloon is perfect for mingling and enjoying beers, wines, and creative cocktails. It’s a special treat!

  • 130 E Colorado Ave $$

Insider Tip: Try the Ranch Mule—a refreshing twist on a classic.

A Beloved Telluride gathering place with rustic charm and lively music. A must-visit for a fun night out with the Telluride Mule. 

  • 100 E Colorado Ave $

Insider Tip: Arrive early to snag a spot at the open bar or catch the sunset on the rooftop! It is also known for live music if that’s your desire.

Timeless elegance and historic charm await you at the iconic New Sheridan Hotel, unchanged since 1895. Classic cocktails and impeccable service await.

  • 231 W Colorado Ave $$$

Insider Tip: Don’t miss the $5 Jack Daniel’s — a local favorite.

Warm and inviting bar on historic Main Street across from the lift! Grab a beer, bourbon, and delicious BBQ. This is a great spot after biking down the mountain or fresh off the ski lift.

  • 25O W San Juan Ave $$

Insider Tip: Order the Oak Barrel Aged Manhattan for a flavorful twist.

Craft brewery offering diverse local brews and a laid-back mountain vibe. A haven for beer enthusiasts.

  • 225 S Pine St $$

Insider Tip: Grab a drink and a seat on the patio for views of the surrounding mountains.

What makes Telluride’s happy hour scene so unique?

It’s a lively blend of 19th-century mining town, Western cowboy that meets delicious flavors and stunning mountain views – unlike other mountain towns in Colorado or the US.

Are these spots known for signature cocktails?

Cosmo’s, There, and The New Sheridan Bar are best for signature cocktails.

Are these spots known for craft brews?

Smuggler Union Brewery and Stronghouse Brew Pub are the best for craft brews. 

Do any of these spots offer unique mountain-themed drinks or local specialties?

Absolutely! Look out for unique cocktails at each bar listed here. 

Are there any outdoor seating options to soak in those breathtaking Telluride views?

Oak has a great view of the sunset over the mountain, and Allred’s has views down to town and west as it’s mid-mountain. 

Which happy hour spot is a must-visit for friends looking to unwind?

The Last Dollar Saloon has a fun, casual and relaxed vibe for the best telluride bar with friends.

Are there any specials or discounts that we can’t miss?

Ask us about the special bar meal at Cosmopolitan Restaurant (Cosmo’s) – it’s the best deal in town!

Which spot would you recommend for a cozy, intimate evening with a loved one?

Oak provides a cozy setting for a romantic evening in Telluride.

Are there hidden gems among these spots that might not be as well-known but deserve the spotlight?

Don’t miss out on Cosmo’s, a hidden gem with fantastic cocktails.

What’s the vibe like at each of these places? Is it laid-back, upscale, or somewhere in between?

You’ll find a range of vibes, from laid-back to upscale, catering to guests with different preferences.

Do snacks or small plates pair perfectly with the drinks at these happy hour spots?

Many spots offer delicious snacks, small plates, or happy hour entree deals to complement your happy hour drinks.

Which spot would be ideal for someone looking to taste Telluride’s local culture?

The Floradora Saloon offers a genuine taste of Telluride’s history and culture.

Which spot would you recommend for the best sunset views?

Catch the breathtaking sunset at Allred’s, Gorrono Ranch, Alpino Vino, or Oak.

Do any of these spots have a special cocktail or brew named after Telluride’s rich history?

Watch for drinks that pay homage to Telluride’s fascinating past.

Which spot would you recommend for someone looking to mingle and meet new people?

The New Sheridan Bar is great for mingling with locals and fellow travelers.

What is the best wine bar or happy hour wine bar in Telluride?

Alpino Vino is the highest-elevation wine bar in the US! Take the See Forever trail down, and put your name down as early as possible to enjoy the fantastic views and wine! 

Are there any themed nights or special events during happy hour at these spots?

Occasionally, there is a special event or theme. However, There often is a fun vibe or theme with their music playlist each night.

Which brewery offers the most diverse and delicious selection for the beer enthusiasts?

Smuggler Union Brewery is a haven for beer enthusiasts with its diverse selection and fantastic food! 

Transportation Tip:

Hop on the Golden Goose bus after dinner or catch the gondola to Mountain Village until midnight. There’s also parking at a nearby garage, which is perfect if you have a designated driver.

Nestled in the San Juan Mountains, Telluride stands out among mountain towns with its unique, vibrant happy hoursUnlike Vail and Big Sky, Telluride’s lively spots offer a unique blend of local flavors, mountain majesty, and HAPPY HOUR deals! 🍹🏔️

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