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The Best Public Art in Qatar – Ultimate 41 Art Installations

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The public art in Qatar is impressive due to the quantity of art in public places; the fun for all ages and world-known artists took us by surprise! We’ve collected the best public art in Qatar for your reference when visiting.

Qatar Offering An Artistic Freedom

Qatari Creates was a fun program promoting public art and introduced over 40 public art installations across Qatar.

JEDARIART program was another program that allowed Qatari artists to present their public art murals permanently.

Qatar Museums

There are a lot of fun art installations and Qatar museums in Doha for visitors to explore. Here’s a list of the best things to do in Qatar.

The most popular museums are the Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar National Museum, and Fire Station. Here are the Best Art and Museums in Qatar to make your trip successful!

The public artwork is scattered throughout the city in popular areas such as Katara Cultural Village, Corniche, and Hamad International Airport.

Qatar Museums on the Map

The art in Qatar is impressive, and the number of museums, art in public places, and the fun for all ages and interests are what took us by surprise!

A great way to see a lot of these on a Qatar map overlay – not all public art – review this map of public art installations by Qatar Museum.

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Best public art in Qatar

  1. “The Sculptural Group” by Ahmed Al Bahrani 

  2. “7” by Richard Serra 

  3. “Flying Man” by Sabah Arbilli

  4. “Small Lie” by Kaws

  5. “East-West/West-East” by Richard Serra 

  6. “Orry” by Tom Otterness 

  7. “Shadows Travelling on the Sea of the Day” by Olafur Eliasson

  8. “Toub Toub Ya Bahar” by Salman Al-Malik

  9. “The Pigeons” by Khalifa Al-Obaidly 

  10. “The Miraculous Journey” by Damien Hirst 

  11. “White Monument” by Ibrahim Noureddine 

  12. “Untitled Lamp/Bear” by Urs Fischer 

  13. “The Pearl Monument” by French artist Arman 

  14. “Palm Tree” by Ali Hassan 

  15. “Hanging Trees” by Ana Tzarev 

  16. “Qatar Olympic Committee Tower Sculpture” by Tom Claassen 

  17. “Maman” by Louise Bourgeois

  18. “Doha Mountains” Ugo Rondinone 

  19. “Dugong” by Jeff Koons

  20. Gekröse” by Franz West 

  21. Al Nehem” Whale Shark by Roberto Cacciapagli 

  22. “come together” by Choi Jeong Hwa

  23. “The Golden Thumb Statue” by César Baldaccini

  24. Mural by Myneandyours

  25. “Cosmos” Jean-Michel Othoneil

  26. A Message of Peace to the World” Ahmed Al Bahrani

  27. “Arctic Nurseries of El Dorado” by Marc Quinn

  28. “Desert Horse” by Ali Hassan

  29. “Falcon” by Tom Claassen

  30. “Untitled Playground” Rudolf Stingel

  31. “Dogong Family” Ahmed Al Barani 

  32. “Section of the Berlin Wall” by Germany 

  33. “Turquoise City” by Mark Handforth

  34. “Spooning” by Subodh Gupta

  35. “Alfa” by Jean-Michel Othoniel

  36. “Motherland” by Hassan Bin Mohammad Al Thani

  37. “Other Worlds’ by Tom Classen

  38. “they asked me to change it, and I agreed,” by Adel Abidin 

  39. “Maqam I, Maqam II, Maqam III” by Simone Fattal

  40. “Gandhi’s Three Moneys” by Subodh Gupta

  41. Woman Side Profile in Abaya, Abdulaziz Yousef Ahmed

“The Sculptural Group” by Ahmed Al Bahrani 

  • Doha

A captivating sculpture showcases unity and diversity, inviting contemplation and reflection. 

“7” by Richard Serra 

  • Qatar Museums Park, Doha

Towering steel structures that exude a powerful presence embody strength and exploration of space.

“The Sculptural Group” by Ahmed Al Bahrani 

  • Doha

It is a striking ensemble of sculptures that captures the essence of human emotion and connection and invites contemplation and introspection.

“Flying Man” by Sabah Arbilli 

  • Hamad International Airport, Doha

This mesmerizing sculpture depicts a figure in mid-flight, symbolizing freedom, aspiration, and the spirit of exploration.

“Small Lie” by Kaws

  • Hamad International Airport, Doha

This playful yet thought-provoking sculpture showcases a larger-than-life character, challenging perceptions of truth and authenticity in our modern society.

“East-West/West-East” by Richard Serra 

  • Zekreet, west of Doha

Four towering steel plates are placed across the Qatari desert, creating a robust visual dialogue between nature’s vastness and human intervention’s presence.

Due to its location in Qatar and unique remoteness, we love that this piece was dubbed “Taking art to the people“.

“Orry” by Tom Otterness 

  • Hamad International Airport, Doha

A whimsical bronze sculpture featuring a cheerful character, Orry, represents the joy and vibrancy of Qatari culture, welcoming travelers with open arms.

“Shadows Travelling on the Sea of the Day” by Olafur Eliasson

  • Near Fort Zubarah

This exhibit is a fun one to drive to – and see Fort Zubarah since it’s nearby. The mirrored reflection of the underside of the canopies makes for a real unique experience.

This exhibit is a nod to sustainability, “I hope, a space for visitors to resync with the planet and may prompt conversations about climate action on a local scale.”

“Toub Toub Ya Bahar” by Salman Al-Malik

  • Doha Corniche

A captivating and poetic sculpture capturing the essence of Qatari maritime traditions. It represents the enduring connection between the sea and the local culture of women waiting for sailers and divers.

“The Pigeons” by Khalifa Al-Obaidly 

  • Doha Corniche

A whimsical and lighthearted installation featuring colorful pigeon sculptures, celebrating the ubiquitous birds as animated icons of urban life.

“Force Field” by Richard Serra 

  • Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha

A monumental arrangement of towering steel plates embodying strength, balance, and a sense of architectural grandeur.

“The Miraculous Journey” by Damien Hirst 

  • Sidra Medicine, Doha

A series of colossal bronze sculptures depicting the stages of fetal development, symbolizing the miracle of life and the intersection of art and science.

“White Monument” by Ibrahim Noureddine 

  • Katara Cultural Village, Doha

A minimalist yet powerful white sculpture exudes elegance and serenity, inviting contemplation and reflection on the beauty of simplicity.

“Untitled Lamp/Bear” by Urs Fischer 

  • Hamad International Airport

A whimsical and larger-than-life sculpture featuring a bear holding a lamp, juxtaposing the ordinary with the extraordinary, sparking the imagination of travelers.

“The Pearl Monument” by French artist Arman 

  • The Pearl-Qatar, Doha

A magnificent stainless steel sculpture symbolizing Qatar’s pearl diving heritage and its contemporary transformation into a modern metropolis.

“Palm Tree” by Ali Hassan 

  • Qatar University, Doha

An abstract sculpture resembling a palm tree, it celebrates Qatar’s natural flora and cultural significance.

“Hanging Trees” by Ana Tzarev 

  • Katara Cultural Village, Doha

A unique installation featuring suspended metal trees adorned with colorful flowers creates a surreal and enchanting environment.

“Qatar Olympic Committee Tower Sculpture” by Tom Claassen 

  • West Bay, Doha

A dynamic and energetic sculpture that captures athleticism and the pursuit of excellence is displayed at the Qatar Olympic Committee Tower.

“Maman” by Louise Bourgeois 

  • Education City 

A colossal spider sculpture, simultaneously awe-inspiring and unnerving, embodying themes of maternal protection and feminine strength.

“Doha Mountains” by Ugo Rondinone 

  • Al Bidda Park

A series of monumental rock-like sculptures in vibrant colors create a surreal and dreamlike landscape amidst the urban surroundings.

“Dugong” by Jeff Koons

  • Corniche 

A playful and whimsical sculpture of a dugong, showcasing the artist’s signature style and inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty of marine life.

“Gekröse” by Franz West 

  • Corniche 

A bright and abstract sculpture that evokes a sense of movement and fluidity, engaging viewers with its playful and interactive nature.

“Al Nehem” Whale Shark by Roberto Cacciapagli

  • Lusail Plaza

A majestic whale shark sculpture highlights the importance of marine conservation and the beauty of Qatar’s coastal ecosystem.

“come together” by Choi Jeong Hwa 

  • Education City

A colorful inflatable element sculpture that, from afar, looks like a snowflake that represents unity, diversity, and the power of collaboration.

“The Golden Thumb Statue” by César Baldaccini

  • Souq Wakif

A striking, gleaming golden thumb sculpture symbolizes strength, power, and human achievement.

Mural by Myneandyours

  • Al Sadd

This is a colorful and playful mural by a British-born artist in Dubai, UAE. This mural was a part of the POW! WOW! which includes local and international artists adding color and thought-provoking murals to the city. 

“Cosmos” by Jean-Michel Othoniel

  • Hamad International Airport

A mesmerizing and ethereal sculpture. It is composed of shimmering glass orbs that reflect light and creates a celestial ambiance.

“A Message of Peace to the World” by Ahmed Al Bahrani

  • Hamad International Airport

A thought-provoking sculpture conveys a message of peace, harmony, and global unity through symbolism.

“Arctic Nurseries of El Dorado” by Marc Quinn

A thought-provoking installation featuring a collection of bronze sculptures representing diverse and endangered species, raising awareness about environmental conservation.

“Desert Horse” by Ali Hassan

  • Hamad International Airport

A majestic and spirited sculpture of a galloping horse. It captures the essence of freedom, strength, and the enduring bond between humans and animals.

“Falcon” by Tom Claassen

  • Hamad International Airport

A dynamic sculpture of a falcon in flight, paying homage to Qatar’s rich falconry heritage and the grace and agility of this revered bird.

“Untitled Playground” by Rudolf Stingel

  • Hamad International Airport

A playful and interactive sculpture that doubles as a functional playground inviting children and adults alike to engage with art positively and imaginatively.

“Dugong Family” by Ahmed Al Barani

  • Doha Waterfront

A heartwarming inflatable sculpture featuring a family of dugongs celebrating the beauty of marine life. It echoes the importance of preserving Qatar’s coastal ecosystems.

“Section of the Berlin Wall” donated by Germany Embassy 2017 Year of Culture

  • Education City

A historical fragment of the Berlin Wall symbolizes unity, freedom, and the triumph of the human spirit, commemorating a significant moment in history.

“Turquoise City” by Mark Handforth

  • LuSail

A vibrant and dynamic sculpture resembling a cityscape adorned with turquoise elements, evoking a sense of urban energy and exploration.

“Spooning” by Subodh Gupta

  • M7

A whimsical and humorous sculpture depicting oversized cutlery engaged in a playful act of spooning, exploring themes of intimacy and shared experiences.

“Alfa” by Jean-Michel Othoniel

A mesmerizing and intricate sculpture composed of glass beads resembling an abstract alphabet, inviting viewers to contemplate the beauty of language and communication.

“Motherland” by Hassan Bin Mohammad Al Thani

  • National museum of Qatar

A powerful and poignant sculpture depicting a mother embracing her child symbolizes love, protection, and the eternal bond between a mother and her offspring.

“Other Worlds” by Tom Claassen

  • Hamad International Airport

A series of enchanting and surreal sculptures featuring fantastical creatures and whimsical landscapes – A fun playground for children as well.

“They asked me to change it, and I agreed,” by Adel Abidin

A thought-provoking sculpture challenging censorship and conformity, reflecting on the power dynamics between artists, institutions, and society.

“Maqam I, Maqam II, Maqam III” by Simone Fattal

A series of abstract sculptures inspired by traditional Arabic musical structures embodying rhythm, harmony, and the expressive potential of art.

“Gandhi’s Three Moneys” by Subodh Gupta 

  • Katara Cultural Village

A thought-provoking sculpture featuring three larger-than-life bronze coins paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings on simplicity, truth, and non-violence.

Woman Side Profile in Abaya, Abdulaziz Yousef Ahmed

  • Abaya, Al Tarfa Al Khor Interchange

It depicts a woman’s side profile – abaya – with a traditional batoola mask.


There is so much art in public places in Qatar! As you can see, art installations scattered throughout the city, desert, and public areas is quite impressive.

What is your favorite art piece? Our top favorites are in the international airport.

Do you think Doha is the mecca for art?

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