Breakfast Places in Bozeman MT

Best Breakfast Places in Bozeman MT (2024) — Top 9!

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Check out the best breakfast places in Bozeman Mt for the ultimate Wild West cuisine experience. It is known for farm-to-table cuisine, locally sourced, fresh ingredients from nearby farms and ranches.

Best 9 Breakfast Places in Bozeman MT & Recommended Dish:

  1. Cateye Cafe – Vegan Breakfast Burrito
  2. JAM! – Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
  3. Bagel Works – Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel
  4. Feed Cafe – Breakfast Bowl
  5. Revelry – Smoked Salmon Benedict
  6. The Nova Cafe – Huevos Rancheros
  7. The Western Cafe – Biscuits & Gravy
  8. The Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe – Cinnamon Roll
  9. Main Street Overeasy – Breakfast Tacos

Price breakdown for Breakfast Bozeman spots:

One dollar sign ($): generally indicates relatively low prices, with most menu items priced under $10.

Two dollar signs ($$): generally indicate moderate prices, with most menu items priced between $10-$20.

Three dollar signs ($$$): generally indicate higher prices, with most menu items priced above $20.

Bozeman Cuisine

Bozeman is known for its farm-to-table cuisine, emphasizing locally sourced, fresh ingredients from nearby farms and ranches. The food scene also features a range of cuisine styles, including American, Italian, Mexican, and more.

If you are going to eat breakfast – the most important meal – it should be delicious and a fun space! You are visiting Bozeman – do it right with these breakfast places in Bozeman, MT.

Reasons to Visit Bozeman

If you are looking for reasons to visit Bozeman, then take a look here. There is hiking, skiing, and gorgeous landscapes all around.

It is close to Yellowstone National Park and a few hours’ drive to Glacier National Park. If you are going to either, check out the hikes you must take here!

Best 9 Breakfast Places in Bozeman MT:

  1. Cateye Cafe
  2. JAM!
  3. Bagel Works
  4. Feed Cafe
  5. Revelry
  6. The Nova Cafe
  7. The Western Cafe
  8. The Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe
  9. Main Street Overeasy

Cateye Cafe

Cateye Cafe is known for its vegan and gluten-free options, quirky and colorful atmosphere, and great coffee and pastries. You’ll notice some Mexican-inspired fare as menu options.

They serve absolutely delicious breakfast sandwiches! The humorous vibe and friendly service make it one of the best breakfast spots in Bozeman.

  • $$
  • Downtown Bozeman

Eat this: Vegan Breakfast Burrito – Packed with veggies and flavor, a delicious and healthy option.


Modern twists on classic breakfast dishes, cozy and chic atmosphere, perfect for a tasty breakfast – amazing food!

A popular dish is peanut butter cup pancakes. Their Crab Cakes Benedict is delicious! The best part is you can mix & match the various kinds to try them all.

Great place for coffee and a boozy brunch!

  • $$
  • Downtown Bozeman
  • On Main Street

Eat This: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes – Fluffy pancakes with a unique, citrusy twist and great flavor or the Chicken & Biscuit Benedict!

Bagel Works

Bagel Works serves delicious and fresh homemade bagels, great breakfast sandwiches, casual atmosphere. A local go-to for morning food quick!

  • $
  • Downtown Bozeman
  • On Main Street

Eat This: Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel – Classic breakfast sandwich, perfect for a quick bite.

Feed Cafe

These hearty, healthy breakfast dishes source local and fresh ingredients. Come for the food and linger longer due to the cozy atmosphere and great coffee.

Hands down, great atmosphere for this important meal of the day!

  • $$
  • Downtown Bozeman

Eat This: Breakfast Bowl – Filling breakfast dish with fresh, local ingredients, satisfying.


The unique brunch menu, trendy atmosphere, must-try smoked salmon benedict and banana bread French toast. A favorite lunch stop for locals in town.

Second best place for a boozy brunch!

  • $$$
  • Midtown Bozeman

Eat This: Smoked Salmon Benedict – Unique twist on the classic dish – brunch lovers’ dream!

The Nova Café

Come here for the breakfast burritos and homemade pastries, then stay for the welcoming atmosphere for the perfect leisurely breakfast.

A popular and unique dish is cottage cheese pancakes. Also known for Mexican-inspired breakfast dishes

  • $$
  • Downtown Bozeman

Eat This: Huevos Rancheros – Delicious, authentic Mexican breakfast dish.

The Western Cafe

The Western Cafe serves traditional breakfast fare, a rustic and inviting atmosphere, and over 50 years of experience. A popular dish is chicken fried steak.

Outdoor seating makes this a local favorite in warmer months! Perfect choice for a hearty meal.

  • $
  • Downtown Bozeman

Eat This: Biscuits & Gravy – Traditional, hearty homemade biscuit dish.

The Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe

The Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe has amazing homemade pastries, baked goods, and breakfast sandwiches quaint atmosphere – perfect for a relaxed breakfast experience.

  • $
  • North Bozeman

Eat This: Cinnamon Roll – homemade, gooey, and delicious cinnamon rolls.

Main Street Overeasy

Creative menu, friendly service, and casual atmosphere, perfect for a fun and simple breakfast restaurant or brunch.

The Grizzly Killer is a popular dish for a good breakfast savory sandwich.

  • $$
  • Downtown Bozeman
  • On Main Street

Eat This: Breakfast Tacos – Creative twist on the classic dish, tasty and satisfying.

Bozeman Breakfast Secret Find

Best Secret find goes to Nova Cafè for seasonal coffees like the Lucky Charm latté! So good!


The Bozeman area has great breakfast restaurants – you’ll like some more than others. The go-to will be different for everyone.

These are the Best breakfast places in Bozeman MT, and why. Try them out for yourself!

Best breakfast restaurant for fresh food – Feed Cafe.

Best quirky and friendly staff Cateye Cafe.

Most fun seasonal coffee – Nova Café.

Best breakfast restaurant in Bozeman Mt – Jam!

Best Avocado Toast – Feed Cafe

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