Best Hotels in Douro Valley Portugal
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Best Hotels in Douro Valley Portugal (Top 9 Boutique Hotels)

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When you decide to adventure to Portugal, wine is the second thought. Good for you, we have the best Hotels in Douro Valley Portugal, and we’ll count the reasons.

Douro Valley

This region is our top choice for it is easily accessible from Porto City and the Porto International Airport. Also, the wine region is an accessible bus, train, or car ride away!

This region’s vineyards are the only ones in the world to produce TRUE port wine due to demarcation granted in 1756. It has also been a UNESCO designation since 2001 and is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. 

The Douro Valley’s quintas, or wine estates, are a must-see for oenophiles and casual wine lovers.

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Portugal Wine Regions

Portugal boasts several renowned wine regions with distinct characteristics and grape varieties. 

The Douro Valley is recognized for its breathtaking terraced vineyards lining the Douro River and is famous for producing Port wine. 

In the central region of Dão, elegant red wines, often showcasing the Touriga Nacional grape, take center stage. Bairrada, on the other hand, enjoys a reputation for its sparkling wines and robust, tannic reds primarily crafted from Baga grapes. Heading south to Alentejo, this region is known for producing full-bodied red wines, predominantly from indigenous grape varieties. 

The north is celebrated in Vinho Verde for its fresh, crisp white wines, often lightly effervescent. Madeira, an island treasure, is home to unique fortified wines celebrated for their complex aging process and flavors. 

Meanwhile, the Setúbal Peninsula stands out for the renowned Moscatel de Setúbal, a sweet dessert wine. Lastly, Colares distinguishes itself with robust red wines from Ramisco grapes grown in unique sandy soils.

Practical Information for Your Visit

We recommend taking the train either there or back to Porto. The views are incredible!

Cities in Douro Valley


Lamego, Portugal, is renowned for its striking baroque architecture, such as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies. It has a medieval cathedral, castle, and Lamego Museum, showcasing art and artifacts. The region offers opportunities for wine tasting and vineyard tours in the Douro wine region. Lamego hosts festivals and processions throughout the year, notably the Senhora dos Remédios Festival.

Peso da Regua

Peso da Régua, Portugal, is renowned as the heart of the Douro Valley, a world-famous wine region celebrated for producing Port wine and high-quality table wines. The town is a hub for wine-related activities, offering vineyard tours, wine tastings, and cultural experiences related to winemaking. Its scenic location along the Douro River adds to its allure, making it a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts and travelers seeking stunning landscapes.

Pinhao da Regua

Pinhao, near Peso da Régua in Portugal, is famous for its role in producing port and table wines. Its terraced vineyards along the Douro River, historic wine estates, and iconic azulejos-adorned train station showcase the region’s viticultural heritage. Pinhão is a gateway for wine enthusiasts to explore the Douro Valley’s scenic beauty and wine culture and has an easily accessible train station. 

Top Experiences of Douro Valley:

Not all experiences are treated equally. We have culminated our best experiences here for you as well. Read more here.

Top Tours of Douro Valley:

We highly recommend the following tours while in the wine region! Sample the wine, relax in the wine with a spa treatment using local oils, bike and take in the views, or stomp the grapes with your feet!

Best Hotels in Douro Valley Portugal

Of these nine luxury hotels here in the Douro Valley shared here, we break down the unique reasons why these are the best Douro Valley Hotels.

  1. Six Sense Douro Valley – Best Luxury Hotel in Douro Valley

  2. Quinta da Pacheca – The Wine House Hotel – Best Unique Experience at a Luxury Hotel

  3. Quinta de Ventozelo Hotel – Best Views of Stunning Vineyards

  4. Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora Do Carmo

  5. Quinta da Côrte

  6. Vintage House Hotel

  7. Quinta da Gricha in Ervedosa do Douro

  8. Quinta de S.Bernardo – Winery & Farmhouse 

  9. Morgadio da Calcada

These homes or hotels didn’t make the list but are excellent backup options! Casa do Arco, Quinta Do Mourāo, Quinta do Vallado, Quinta de Covela, Quinta do Tedo and Quinta Nova Winery House.

Six Sense Douro Valley

  • Close to the city of Peso Régua

  • typical grapes from the Douro Region, Touriga Franca

  • Luxury 

  • 5 Stars

This property is the top choice for the accommodations, views, luxury, and overall experience. A fun destination for those literary buffs – Ramalho Ortigão, a famous Portuguese poet, wrote the infamous “As Farpas” here.

Try the Casa do Coito – Port Knox from the local grapes on the property. A restaurant serving European dishes with many food ingredients grown in the onsite garden!

Rua do Mourão, 1710, Cambres 5100-428 Lamego, Portugal

Quinta da Pacheca – The Wine House Hotel

  • Lamego

  • Luxury 

  • 5 Stars

  • Winegrowers since 1738

Stay in the Wine Barrel – the coolest part of this unique winery, vineyard, and hotel!

For fun experiences onsite – Take a cooking class! Participate in harvesting – often at the end of October, this year 10/25-29 – and even taste the new single varietal olive oils.

Another memorable experience is their hydrating wrap, natural grape seed and hazelnut oils, rosemary, and arnica. It promotes the skin’s metabolism with an antioxidant, strengthening, and refreshing effect, bringing your body back into balance.

Read more on our full review of staying at The Wine House Hotel.

Rua do Relógio do Sol 261 Cambres 5100-424 Lamego

Quinta de Ventozelo Hotel

  • Pinhão

  • Luxury 

  • stunning infinity pool

The wine, port, restaurant, and boutique hotel are very worthwhile! Visiting by boat will save time compared to driving. The Quinta de Ventozelo Hotel provides an unrivaled experience.

In 2014, Gran Cruz, Portugal’s largest port wine exporter, acquired Quinta de Ventozelo, transforming grapes since 2011.

There are seven trails for you to hike! Snag a Picnic basket from the onsite market for a romantic moment on the grounds.

Casa Grande is a colonial-style hunting lodge built on top of a traditional Douro building from the 18th century.

Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora Do Carmo

  • Pinhão

  • Luxury

Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora Do Carmo is another sustainable property with quality Portuguese dry wines. It has a Luxury Wine Hotel on the property and is a part of the Relais & Chateaux network. It is one stop before Pinhao on the train (from Porto). 

Quinta Nova, 5085-222 Pinhão, Portugal

Quinta da Côrte

  • Tabuaço

  • South of Pinhão

Snag a beautiful room with views of the Duoruo Valley – the casa or surrounding buildings – and enjoy stunning views of the vineyard, mountains, and river.

Staying at the farm is famous for hiking and bike rentals.  

Quinta da Corte, 5120-502 Valença do Douro, Portugal

Vintage House Hotel

  • Pinhão

  • Mid to High Range

If you are looking for Sustainable travel, this is a great option! All rooms have views overlooking the Douro River. 

Enjoy this property’s sunlight and beautiful sunsets. It is a former 18th-century wine estate easily accessible by the train station.

Rua António Manuel Saraiva, 5085-034, Pinhão, Douro, Portugal

Quinta da Gricha in Ervedosa do Douro

  • Pinhão

  • Mid-Range

Quinta da Gricha in Ervedosa do Douro is an adult-only accommodation that is extra special for relaxation! Relax by the infinity pool, and enjoy dinner on the terrace! The property has fantastic views and a relaxing atmosphere.

5130-108 Ervedosa do Douro, 5130-108 Ervedosa do Douro, Portugal

Quinta de S.Bernardo – Winery & Farmhouse

  • Mesão Frio

  • Mid-Range

It has an idyllic setting, delicious food, and one of the best wine hotels.

Caminho do rio 33, 5040-428 Mesão Frio, Portugal 

Morgadio da Calcada

  • Pinhão

  • Pool

  • Quiet

Stunning history mixed with modern updates. A tremendous onsite restaurant prepared by the property owner.

For a unique stay in a small historic village, Provesende is our top pick for a charming town. Overall, you’ll find this a relaxing accommodation in a quaint village.

Rua Cabo de Vila, nº 18, 5060-161 Provesende, Portugal

BONUS Best Boutique Accommodations in Douro Valley

Casa do Arco is a Bed and Breakfast 

  • Pinhão

  • Mid to High Range

We love this selection because of the phenomenal views, elegant rooms, design, and modern ambiance of this Bed & Breakfast.

5085-252 São Cristóvão do Douro, Portugal


Many options for staying in Douro Valley include regional cuisine, stunning views, Douro Valley vineyards, wine tasting, and memorable Portuguese experiences.

We hope you find the best luxury hotels in Douro Valley here to make your trip the most memorable!

Recommend booking three to four months in advance at the minimum. For travel tips in Portugal, read more on the best ten-day itinerary here.

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