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The Carry-On Motorized Suitcase – Best 3 For Sale in 2024

Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Molly Egan

It is 2023, and a carry-on motorized suitcase – also called smart luggage – has been around for seven years! Did you know a motorized rideable luggage, let alone a carry-on version, existed?

We sure didn’t, and now travel has changed. Savvy travelers often think that chargeable battery packs are the best smart luggage. Well now motorized luggage has surpassed that!

Riding a suitcase sounds like something out of The Jetsons, right?! Well, between e-bikes, e-scooters, and autonomous cars, it was just a matter of time! Savvy travelers and tech enthusiasts will appreciate a piece of smart motorized luggage.

What is a Smart Suitcase?

A smart suitcase is a luggage bag designed to enhance travel convenience. It often includes features like built-in rechargeable batteries for device charging, GPS tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, digital locks, and motorization.

Some models offer smart weighing, anti-theft measures and will follow you like a robot! These styles of suitcases often have dedicated mobile apps for control and monitoring.

Did you ever imagine that you could sit on a suitcase and have it transport you throughout the airport or have a suitcase follow you? Well, that day has come!

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Why Are Ride-On Motorized Suitcases So Great?

Motorized luggage transforms a dull suitcase into an engaging and fun travel method – an exciting adventure for all travelers. A smart suitcase or ride-on suitcase is a scooter and carry-on bag in one – It’s game-changing!

The ride-on suitcase design conveniently allows users to sit on top and be moved effortlessly through airports and other travel settings. Based on wear and tear on these suitcases, we recommend only using them inside with smooth surfaces such as carpet and tile to extend their life.

In addition to being a ride-on “scooter,” the ride-on suitcase offers functional storage for your belongings, providing a practical and multipurpose solution for family travel together.

How is A Motorized Suitcase Transformative?

This carry-on luggage is transformative because it will help those with physical injuries and limitations move swiftly through any airport. Waiting for wheelchair agents in the airport can be inconvenient and lengthy to add to travel times.

Therefore, this luggage is game-changing if you have a sprained ankle or difficulty walking. The battery-powered luggage will quickly transport you!

image from airwheel
image from airwheel, robot model

What is our Riding Carry-On Luggage Favorite Feature?

It’s simple – the ability to transport us three times faster to the gate and throughout the airport, whether injured or not, is fantastic! It’s a feature (we hope it is) welcomed by those with injury or disability.

The second favorite feature is that lithium-ion batteries can also charge devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops while on the go! Have you been on flights without under-seat outlets, or are they not working?

Why is Motorized Luggage a Must?

The schlepping across larger airports or international flights with a motorized suitcase will get you from point A to Point B faster – three times faster!

All the bags here will fit in the overhead bin – functions – both a travel suitcase, smart luggage, and scooter all-in-one.

image from frescobike – storage comparison between airwheel robot and mini

Is the Smart Luggage Battery Safe For Airline Carry-On Requirements?

In 2013 the Federal Aviation Administration implemented restrictions with lithium batteries; before checking bags in a plane’s cargo hold, these must be removed. The bags shared here are designed as carry-on luggage; however, all have a removable battery.

In 2018, several airlines updated their policies regarding Smart Luggage. Delta Airlines’ policy, “Lithium-ion batteries (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) should be transported in carry-on baggage and not placed in checked baggage.” It also addresses that “smart luggage” must have a battery with a power rating not greater than 100 Wh and be removed before entering the plane or aircraft cargo.

Some airlines, such as Alaska Airlines and Delta, will allow a removable battery of up to 160 Wh. And nearly all US airlines will not allow a smart bag with non-removable batteries (United Airlines).

The presence of lithium batteries can contravene various regulatory requirements. Transportation Security Administration states the battery must be protected from damage and carried in carry-on baggage only.

image from airwheel robot

What are the Essential Features For Motorized Rideable Luggage?

A ride-on suitcase must have a footrest, brake, and a telescopic handle – that often functions as a handlebar – motor, TSA-Approved Battery, TSA-approved lock, and storage capacity. 

Is motorized luggage just for Adults?

No! Ride-on suitcases for children were first to hit the market, functioning more like unmotorized scooter suitcases. There are motorized versions available, but only some because, to be honest, I wouldn’t give it to my niece or nephew in a crowded public place.

If you want the best ride-on suitcases for kids’ (non-motorized), read this! John purchased this an Airwheel SE model or his wife to keep up with their children on ride-on suitcases and scooters!

image from modobag

Best Motorized Rideable Luggage

  1. Modobag 2.0 – Best Functional Design

  2. Airwheel Robot SE3 S – Best Scooter Suitcase

  3. Airwheel SE3 S Mini

Modobag 2.0 Rideable Luggage

image from modobag

This smart luggage can travel six to eight miles based on the rider’s weight and overall suitcase.

The high-performance bearings, quick-release foot pegs, padded seat, and padded easy-access pockets (or laptop sleeve) make this a sleek, moving, and convenient bag for the avid traveler.

It will fully charge in two hours and be plugged into any household or 120V typical outlet.

The storage is 80% of a typical carry-on bag. If you pack smartly, you can fit 204 days in this carry-on suitcase.

motobag 2.0 design update released in 2022
  • Dual speed control

  • Padded compartments

  • Padded Seat

  • Dual wheel braking system

  • 2 Dual USB Ports

  • Telescoping Handlebar

  • Ballistic Nylon Shell

  • Max Speed: 8 MPH

  • Maximum weight limit: 260 lbs.

  • Bag Weight: 20 lbs.

  • Dimensions: 22″ x 9″ x 14″

Bottom Line:

This is our favorite motorized suitcases for the soft-sided compartments that allow easy access to an iPad laptop or essentials when traveling. Since this is a heavy bag (all of the smart luggage listed here is above 15 pounds), the side pockets make all the difference!

The padded seat is another feature that the other rideable carry-on suitcases do not have. If you need speed, this is the fastest of all three models, with up to 8 MPH. It will transport you three times faster than walking in the airport!

Airwheel Robot SE3S Smart Riding Scooter Suitcase

image from airwheel

This scooter suitcase will transform into a scooter with the touch of a button. Tech enthusiasts will most likely prefer this over the Modobag.

The exterior is waterproof and wear-resistant, sustaining the “bumpy” travel road ahead. The handlebars have a backlight display showing mileage, voltage, and an alarm – all the information on one screen.

It pairs with an app on your smartphone that will allow you to see real-time position, check data, personalize settings, and even set an alarm.

The storage of this model is better than the mini, fitting a weekend or up to four days of clothing. You can ride this for 4-5 miles before you need to charge it.

  • Three wheels

  • Electronic brake

  • TSA-approved lock

  • Smart App integration

  • Blue tooth speaker

  • USB charging port

  • Concealed ergonomic handle

  • Storage Capacity: 29.3 Liters

  • Ballistic Nylon Shell

  • Motor power: 250W

  • Max Speed: 6.3 MPH

  • Maximum Load Limit: 220 lbs.

  • Bag Weight: 31.8 lbs.

  • Dimensions: 22.5″ x 9.8″ x 15″

image from airwheel – example of what fits inside
Bottom Line:

We love the lights on the side that will make you stand out if you use them on the street at night! I can’t wait to prank a family member by watching the bag when I use the restroom next time on a trip together

The Bluetooth speaker integration for playing music is neat but not a feature that would be useful for me, as I would want to preserve the battery for moving around!

This bag is fun, yet it has bells and whistles that are over the top, and its weight is more than the Modobag, which is the main reason for its ranking below it.

The foot pedals (aka spokes) are fantastic for grip and slip resistance.

Airwheel SE3 S Mini Ride-On Suitcase

image from airwheel

This scooter suitcase handles like a typical e-scooter so that the functionality will be familiar. This bag has less storage and speed than the Robot model yet is lighter, which is a great feature.

Many of the same features include app pairing integration, a removable battery, a telescoping handle, and an aluminum alloy frame.

  • 3.5″ anti-skid wheels

  • Electronic brake

  • TSA-approved lock

  • Smart App integration

  • Concealed Telescoping Handlebar

  • USB charging port

  • Storage Capacity: 29.3 Liters

  • Ballistic Nylon Shell

  • Max Speed: 4 MPH

  • Motor power: 100W

  • Maximum Load Limit: 220 lbs.

  • Bag Weight: 16 lbs.

  • Dimensions: 22.5″ x 9.8″ x 15″

image from airwheel – mini storage contents
Bottom Line:

This bag is an excellent choice for a frequent traveler – or savvy travelers – as it is lighter. However, tall people will find the Airwheel Robot model more comfortable for long legs.

This model is a lower price point than the robot, and Modobag is an excellent introduction to motorized luggage.

Check with your airline before traveling

These suitcases have TSA-approved features and will fit in overhead bins. However, with smaller planes and discount airlines, there can be challenges with the space available with your seat selection.

Save yourself the heartache and verify with the airline you purchased your ticket. The battery pack is a sensitive piece of this luggage that could cause a hangup with security.

The US Transportation Security Administration approves these suitcases, yet this could be a potential hangup with another country – this new design and gadget will be unique to others. 

Smart Luggage Conclusion

The best Smart luggage or motorized rideable luggage for the savvy travelers is featured here. It is also slow to take off due to the price point and smaller storage capacity. However, this is well worth the value for those with mobility issues!

As someone nearly missing a flight due to waiting over 45 minutes for wheelchair assistance in the Denver airport this past May – I would have purchased this in a heartbeat. Walking miles on crutches is an awful experience found by both young and old. We consider this a mobility scooter branded as motorized rideable luggage.

For female travelers interested in these bags, it is advisable to wear pants. Long skirts will be a pain. Airline travel is a lot of air-conditioned environments, so switching from pants to a skirt or shorts when you are done is something to keep in mind.

Get your hands on this sooner than later, and think of this as the e-bike version of riding a travel bag! If you are looking for the best carry-on luggage that is not motorized, look at our best picks here.

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